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End of summer. Says who?

The end of summer?
It was a good summer. Or so I thought. A long, slow to get started spring followed by warm days. Not too hot and not too humid. Around here it is not unusual to stand doing nothing at all except breathing and holding an overused garden hose and lose 5 pounds (I wish!)  just sweating in the August humidity.
I live in the south, officially in the ‘upper south’ if you look at the gardening almanacs that tell you what will just die from too cold winters. I like the weather here. Hot when it should be and cold when you expect it with wonderful just perfect spring days and amazing fall weather that never seems to end. At least that is how it is most years.
This year started out slow and cool, got wet and warm and now just as you’re ready for fall, summer decides to hit. It’s been several weeks without rain and everything is a little crispy. The garden gave up long ago and our only hope now rests in trying to save the new trees we put in when spring was full of hope, sun and the right amount of rain. I am not complaining just ready for summer to go and fall to come….only 113 days to Christmas.

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