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Pashmina. Another word for comfort

 Pashmina. Another word for comfort.
Often times I find myself wondering where the time went. Can it really be the end of another day or week, another month? And then to look at the calendar and see, almost with surprise, another year is not far away. When I was little the year 2015 was only possible in the movies. I thought for sure we would have flying cars by now and if you wanted an ice cream you just went to the refrigerator and spoke it into existence. The refrigerator had no choice but to give you want you wanted. Chocolate swirl? No problem. Orange and vanilla? One moment please. Every kid’s dream or at least mine as I was imagining a future with all my desires fulfilled just for the asking.
Then, without even a notice, time began to flow faster and we find ourselves looking for ways to simplify, purposefully slowing down to enjoy and wishing the days were longer.
Amazing, as the song says ‘how time slips away’.
Comfort becomes a place we want to be. A state of mind we strive for, a feeling we desire.
Find your comfort in the softness and ease of a pashmina.

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