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The last concert of summer

I live in a small town. We have craft fairs in the fall with all sorts of  amazingly creative items made by talented people.  4th of July parades with boy scouts, fire engines and politicians tossing candy to kids lining the sidewalks. Christmas gatherings with Santa and the lighting of the town Christmas tree when everyone says it is prettiest one ever.   And best of all we have summer concerts. Saturday evenings  most weeks you can hear the music as it drifts around town just loud enough to invite you stop and listen, quite yourself and enjoy. The music varies each week with big band hosting lots of brass, rock and roll country style, contemporary jazz and the occasional vocalist adding even more. Everyone comes, kids with dirty feet, moms and dads slowing life down and sweethearts of all ages holding hands a little longer as the music softens thoughts and worries. If you are so inclined there is a grassy spot just right of the band to dance like no one is watching.               

 I live in a small town.  How wonderful.

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