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Travel blessings

 I travel. Not as much as I once did but still more than I want. This time of year when the air and light change and the year speeds up I especially dread the long time away from home and family. 

When I travel I like to people watch, passing the time thinking about where a person is going, what they do for a living, the story they bring with them.    Everyone has a story, some more visible than others.

Recently, while at an airport that looked, smelled and mostly sounded like every other airport I stopped to get a bit to eat not really out of hunger but more to pass the time than anything. I found an out of the way restaurant, nothing special, just the usual airport hurry in and hurry out kind of place where you can sit within three feet of another person and never say a word.

As I sat down and glanced at the menu with burgers, salad and too many choices of grab and go calories I noticed a table of soldiers off to the side and close to the rear of the room. Maybe 12, all in uniform, all talking, all going somewhere.  When my server stopped by my table and I ordered my normal water with lemon I asked if he would make sure I got the check for the soldiers table. He came with my water saying the soldiers had already ordered and he would make sure I got the tab. 

As I waited for my food I noticed the soldiers had just received theirs and without hesitation one reached  a hand to the person next to him. Around the table each soldier took a hand, all bowed their heads and a quiet prayer was offered. Just a quickly as it started it ended. Back to the burgers and fries, beer and chips, conversation and laughter.  When the soldiers were finished the server told them their check was taken care of . They looked around for only a moment then out they went on to whatever and wherever they were going.  My privilege that day was witnessing Gods love at the soldiers table and knowing God was on their journey with them.



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